Do you want to change professions? We have a story for a young mother for inspiration

Ever think about doing something different? Something that would really fill and entertain you? The authentic story of Michaela Culkova is proof that it works. That it makes sense to step out of the comfort zone and go for what attracts a person. All you have to do is decide and persevere.

Michaela Culkova was 30 years old when she decided to change her career. She was on parental leave at the time. She knew she didn’t want to go back to the bank where she had worked before. She, therefore, decided to use the time spent at home with first and later with two offspring to study her dream field. This is online marketing.

She benefited from social networks

In the beginning, Michaela searched for technical terms from the marketing industry on the Internet in various ways. Then she came across the Facebook group, where women from the field exchange experiences and studied there. Using the social network as a source of information, but also of contacts proved to be the right way. Thanks to her, Michaela received her first job offer. She was approached by the owner of a smaller agency that creates websites for companies. She was looking for someone to take care of her clients’ social networks.

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She took a job even though she was a beginner

At that time, Michaela had experience with them only as a private, albeit active, the user. Nevertheless, she was not intimidated and accepted the challenge in a small advertising agency. She did well because she gained practical experience. Besides, she was able to complete professional training and gain additional knowledge there.

The advantage was that Michaela only got a part-time job. Also, she could perform most tasks remotely over the Internet. Thanks to that, she was able to combine a new job with childcare. But it wasn’t easy, she was looking for time to work as best she could. “I often sat at the computer at the weekend because I was home alone with the children during the week,” explains the young mother. “But the work was diverse and I enjoyed it,” he adds.

She went for another opportunity

After about two years, when both of her children grew up, it was time to move on. Michaela was looking for a job where she could commute from the Vysocina Region, where she lives, even for a few days a week. She succeeded, after all, she was no longer a complete novice. She got a job, again part-time, in a company that runs an e-shop. She became a marketing assistant and worked in this position again for almost two years. “Among other things, I learned to use analytical tools that monitor the success of communication with customers. In this way, one can constantly test what works and what doesn’t. ”

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In the autumn of this year, however, Michaela left the company. After all, she wanted to work both closer to home and full-time because her parental leave ends. She revived her advertisement and was intensively looking for a job. She set herself a task for each day: to look at a certain number of offers or to send a specific number of CVs. “Even finding a job is a job, maybe full-time,” he describes his approach.

It paid off for her because she got a job after two months! Yes, even in these uncertain times, she managed to find a job in her dream field. She joins a marketing agency based near her home.

Sticks to the path

Michaela has tried on herself that if someone really wants to start a new career and change their profession, they can do it. But he has to reckon with the fact that he will want some time and effort to penetrate another industry. “The most important thing is not to deviate from the marked path. I once decided on marketing and stuck to it, “confirms Michaela.

Not surprisingly, the advice on our site appealed to her the most that one should not be discouraged by an advertisement in which they look for a superman. “Even if the candidate doesn’t do everything, he should try, at least it always paid off for me. When we sat down with the employer in person, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know anything yet, “says Michaela.

However, her story confirms that in addition to tenacity, one more thing is needed to change careers: to be in the right place at the right time. Work in a dream field does not come to anyone alone, but must be actively sought.

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