Don’t burn the beginning. Have realistic expectations, you are more likely to achieve your goals

In a few hours, there will be a New Year, which people usually enter with some determination. And some with several resolutions at once: lose weight, quit smoking, learn English… Why not? But don’t put too much on your shoulders from the beginning. Even when fulfilling personal goals, it pays to respect certain rules. Try to follow them this year.

Don’t make the unreal apart

Impossible to wait, miracles now. Approaching oneself in the spirit of this motto is somewhat short-sighted. It is right to have the goal I am aiming for, but this goal should be achievable, whether it is looking for a job, a career shift, or, for example, running. If someone thinks that he is going through a marathon this year, even though he is considered overweight and has only run so far, only when he ran off a bus, it will be difficult to manage a demanding race this year.

5 Tips for Goal Setting in the New Year - Toby Amidor Nutrition

Unnecessarily, he will be exposed to frustration and the risk of being hit hard by running. Achieving a more realistic goal – for example, to run three times a week for 20 minutes to the park behind the house – would bring him far more satisfaction and hope that he will endure running.

Follow the small steps

As you set a goal, keep in mind that you’ll need to devote your time to it regularly. Because only what becomes part of our everyday life really counts.

In one of the video courses, nutrition and health prevention specialist Margit Slimáková recommends that a person proceeds in the fulfillment of his personal goals in the same way as when performing tasks at work. For example, he has to write in his calendar what he wants to achieve that day. Even if it was to eat a broccoli head regularly and do one squat. Gradual small changes will eventually lead to the fundamental big change in life habits in question.

Do it for yourself

You may be thinking that you will exercise or eat healthily because of your counterpart. However, such motivation can be treacherous. Psychologist Radkin Honzak explains in one of the interviews that every change of habit brings a certain discomfort. People fail in activities that benefit themselves because they do not want to sacrifice even twenty minutes of their lives a day. To persevere, they need strong motivation. If recognition is to be in the eyes of someone close to her, this motivation can easily fail. It is enough if the person in question annoys us with something, and with a godly habit, it is quickly over.

How to Set New Year's Goals You'll Actually Enjoy Pursuing

At work as elsewhere

It pays to follow the same principles, even if you want to advance in your career. Take a training course because you want to learn something new that you will really use. And not because a colleague has more courses at his account than you, and he is proud of that everywhere. Do you need English for your work? Schedule short lessons more often, making it easier to find time for them than two-hour “sessions” once a week.

Have you lost your job and are you looking for a new one? Don’t give meaningless terms like “I have to take a new place in March”. The stubbornness with which you will pursue this goal will rather distance you from it. Instead, set yourself a task every day that is related to finding a place – go through a certain number of advertisements, look at professional social networks, improve your CV.

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