How to look for a job in the uncertain times?

Please be patient

More than ever at this time, it is necessary to try it and reckon with the fact that getting a job can take many months. After all, the competition has increased. According to data from the end of last year, an average of 20 applicants applied for one position in 30 days, which is 66% more than a year earlier. For example, in the administration or in human resources itself, there are even over 50 people interested in an advertisement per month. So be prepared for the fact that the response of companies to your submitted CV may be a bit longer because recruiters have to deal with the increased number of CVs sent. So even after two weeks of no response, nothing is lost.

Customize your needs

Nowadays, it’s wise to reconsider your own job requirements, but that doesn’t mean you have to take everything. You should always be at least interested in the job. Just so you can keep it. If you are no longer attracted by the dazzling amount of salary or the scope of work itself, then you need a nice company or brand for which you would work. Or you’ll appreciate the advertised time flexibility, so you don’t have to sit at your computer or computer at home at a specific time every day. By the way, you can also set the requirement for flexibility when looking for a job.

Also, be careful when negotiating salary terms. Time does not just add to the exorbitant wage demands of candidates. They may not pay off if they put too much pressure on the saw. On the other hand, the reward should be a reasonable amount, and again, you don’t have to put up with everything.

Watch the disciplines thriving

The current situation has turned the economy both ways. The field of gastronomy or tourism is not experiencing golden times, but trade, for example, continues to thrive. Positions such as sales representative or account manager are among the most frequently offered. Marketing specialists are also in demand, but an average of 47 applicants will be interested in this job within 30 days, which is almost half as much as in the case of the above-mentioned positions. So if you can’t get a job in marketing for a long time, you could think about whether to look for a place in the sphere of business, which is not so far from its original focus and where there is less competition. Other professions can be considered similarly. Of course, you will adapt your CV to each offer and emphasize in it such work skills and experience that employers are interested in.

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Believe that it is not just you who does not meet everything

It might seem that a higher number of candidates in the labor market automatically means a higher number of perfectly qualified candidates. But the opposite is true. The analyzes show that companies will increasingly address the education of people, not only for their internal employees but also for candidates. They will also report to people who do not have fully qualified qualifications, because they also come from other fields in which work has decreased, often even far away. What does this mean? So that you do not be discouraged if you do not meet the requirements for the candidate perfectly. Believe that there will be a lot of people in a similar situation now and that you are not competing with the perfect candidates themselves. Indicate in your CV that you definitely do not lack the willingness to learn new things.

Don’t fall into despair

It is difficult to look to the future with optimism and not succumb to skepticism when it has not worked out several times. But don’t get broken. Boast that you are trying to find a job at all and that you are not passive. Even if you did not succeed in the interview, realize that you were probably selected from dozens of other candidates who fought with you for the position. Also take advantage of all available ways to get a job, including acquaintances and friends and professional social networks. And don’t forget to educate yourself. Various courses have now moved to the online environment, so you don’t have to travel anywhere. Just don’t give up. The new year has just begun.

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