Známe nejčastěji nabízené profese na Jobs.cz. Jaký je o ně boj?

We know the most frequently offered professions on Jobs.cz. What is the fight for them?

The job market didn’t freeze. It still works, even if the economy is subdued. Therefore, if you are out of work, do not become skeptical. According to data from the Jobs.cz server, there was no such big drop in the supply of job positions in the autumn of this year as it did in the spring. Probably because companies were already better prepared for anti-pandemic measures and were able to withstand them enough not to have to stop recruitment altogether. Or they even started making money on the current situation, so they definitely need new employees.

As the list of professions often offered on Jobs.cz shows, many of them fall into six industries. Which are they? And what competition can you count on in the selection process for individual positions?

Známe nejčastěji nabízené profese na Jobs.cz. Jaký je o ně boj?


After this year’s experience, companies and individuals are looking for a way to hedge against risks and want to be insured. This is also reflected in the labor market, where the job supply for insurance advisers even increased by ten percent compared to last year. It also affected wages. If we take into account the amount of salaries published in advertisements, the promised remuneration for the work of an insurance consultant increased on average by 18% year-on-year and amounted to almost 49,000 gross per month. At the same time, only 8 applicants respond to this job offer on average. So the chances of getting an “insurer” job are not very small.

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Companies, sole traders and regular clients now often deal with deferred payments or drawing on savings, while companies or entrepreneurs who are affected by the current situation are looking for ways to finance growth. This requires financial advisors and companies are now recruiting them. Also in the case of this profession, the average amount of the advertised monthly remuneration increased more significantly compared to last year, to more than 46,000 gross. An average of 10 candidates apply for each position, so even in this case the competition is not so great.

A financial analyst is a frequently offered position on the Jobs.cz server. However, the interest in these places is considerable, with an average of 24 people responding to each offer, which is quite a few rivals. About half as many responses are given to advertising as a banking specialist .


There is always a demand for professionals in this sector in the labor market, and this is true even at this time. If you are an IT specialist, you will most likely find a job. The position of programmer on Jobs.cz is high on the ranking of required professions. And the competition of candidates? Within thirty days, only six candidates will respond to one offer on average. You’ll have a little more competition as a IT analyst , for which companies receive an average of 11 responses from candidates. And when they search for operating system and network administrators , they usually get 12 responses per month.


Shopping in brick-and-mortar stores has been banned or at least restricted several times this year, but even more transactions are taking place over the Internet. Business is still going. Sales Representative is one of the most frequently offered positions on Jobs.cz. Those who have a business spirit can choose from a wide range of offers. However, it should be prepared for the fact that competition has increased compared to last year. An average of 25 candidates apply for this position within 30 days.

The work of the account manager is also at the forefront of the professions often offered, which also has the task of looking for business opportunities and winning new orders. Here, count on the average competition of 28 candidates who are interested in this job. Businesses are also asking business directors or managers . However, almost forty applicants will respond to the offer of such work in a month, which is almost three quarters of people more than at the same time last year. It is therefore difficult to succeed in a selection process.

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Although a relatively large number of employees are also hired in the administration, this year they need about a third less than last year. On the contrary, the number of people who would like to do this job has increased significantly. The result is over 50 responses to one ad in an administrative position . So to get the job done, get ready for a tough battle with the other candidates.

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If there’s a real deal of someone, it’s nurses . This year, about a quarter more are needed than last year. This is also reflected in the growth of published wages, which rose to almost 34,000 crowns on average. Only about six candidates will be interested in one nurse position. There is a good chance of getting this job if you have the required education and experience.

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